3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Romantic Weekend with Your Other Half

If you’re clueless on how to plan a romantic weekend getaway with your other half, then you’re like many couple travelers. In fact, there are hundreds of misconceptions about planning the perfect romantic weekend and stereotypes tend to ruin romantic weekends, contrary to what people think. In this article of our series —Romance, Wedding & Honeymoon — we’ll give you our best tips for planning the perfect romantic weekend. 

Fill your time with romance

Yes, some lavender, rose petals with candlelit is romantic. But, romantic weekends aren’t about a 1-hour romantic moment. You should consider making the weekend practical, fun, and memorable, and to do that, there are many activities you can share with your partner. 

First, the destination is as important as the moment you’ll be spending. Sometimes when you’re sharing a romantic weekend with your other half, you’ll run out of activities, and going to a fabulous destination will compensate for activities. For instance, enjoying a beautiful view from a boat under the sunset somewhere in California will definitely be a memorable moment. 

However, it’s not only about how luxurious the destination is. The question is, do you both enjoy it? Romantic weekends are about sharing things you both love, and to figure that out, you’ll have to ask some questions.

Expensive is good, but little details are best 

One of the several misconceptions that couples fall for is “expensive is good”. Yes, spending a weekend in the Bahamas in a luxurious hotel is memorable, but what are better are little details that you both as a couple enjoy. Let’s suppose you that your partner prefers camping and sharing some roasted beef while listening to some guitar hits near campfire. If so, then you may want to consider that instead of pushing it too far for no reason. 

Now there is a fine line between not pushing it too much and not caring at all. Making equilibrium in the process of planning the weekend is vital to the success of your romantic weekend. If you can afford a luxurious hotel and then go camping from there, then so be it. Most importantly, you should know that what you’re planning is actually enjoyable for both of you. 

You might want to consider an accommodation where there are no kids. As harsh as it may seem, but little kids crying can ruin your romantic moment, and that’s the last thing you want to do. 

Other places that include a romantic atmosphere are antique restaurants. Remember; don’t try to copycat movies or TV shows. These tend to promote stereotypes about couples like, and not all couples are equal. Try switching between different restaurants; sometimes try eating at Mexican food restaurants, next time try Chinese or French cuisine. This will give you a new experience, and little details that you’ll both love.

Set a Budget

The last thing you want to do is go bankrupt for the sake of enjoying a romantic weekend. Setting a budget and planning your weekend ahead will enable you to enjoy the moment instead of thinking about how much you spent, and if you’ll get to that embarrassing moment when you can’t pay for what you ate. Getting carried away with money on romantic weekends happens a lot, so budgeting ahead of the weekend is a wise choice.


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