There’s vacation, and then there’s true adventure. Ride the line between comfort and extreme adventure

Ride the line between comfort and extreme adventure. There are some trips that you might call a vacation, a way to disconnect and to escape your daily life that we all lead. By changing the environment, leaving your comfort zone, stepping on a plane or entering a train. Change of environment brings new stimuli, eating food different from the usual palate, meeting people from other cultures and sleeping in on a sunny day in your bungalow at the beach.

And then there are some trips that feel nothing like vacation but an adventure that you were called for. A longing that was lingering in the back of your mind for a long time. Something that you know had to be done for a while. Maybe even a bucket list idea that you had 10 or 20 years ago, but never followed up with. It was an idea that might not sound comfortable, even challenging. An idea that you procrastinated on for that very reason. An idea that demands that you finally get yourself together and do it.



Just the word “Africa” in itself conjures up images of such an adventure. It makes you think of hot, dry and wet nature, the sun, elephants, lions. Danger. People who don’t speak your language. Food you might have never seen before. That inherent smell that enters your nose the moment you step off the plane. This is something entirely different. You can tell.

If you are brave enough, you can experience Africa exactly this way today. However, most people resort to ticking off their bucket list idea of “Africa” the easy way. It’s expensive, it’s perfectly planned out. You step out of that plane, and enter the air conditioned taxi. Then the air conditioned hotel. The only thing that might be without air conditioning will be that game drive landcruiser, but it has that nice leather cushion that saves you from every bump in the road.

It’s a stripped back, streamlined version of what that emotion that you had about “Africa” was all about.



It’s all understandable though. And we certainly don’t want to talk about the pros and cons of taking a vacation to Africa to see wild elephants, giraffes, lions and more in their natural habitat while being pampered and comforted. It’s good that these things exist. But there clearly is a fine line between going on a planned safari and taking things into your own hands and taking in whatever the adventure will throw at you.

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There are the crazy ones that go on their own from the northern cape to the Cape of good hope in the south. The globetrotters, the world travelers. Those that sleep in whatever place they can find. You can’t get more adventurous than this. But that is a serious investment in both your safety and personal finances.

We used to be such crazy people. And to a certain extent, we still are. But we have come to terms with the fact that you need to ride that line between comfort and extreme adventure.



People need someone to guide them in uncertain terrains. Show them the limits that a safari can get to. Put them in difficult situations, then offer relaxation afterwards. Give them a place to sleep. Let people take a deep breath, then start the engines afresh. Keep riding. Take notes in the evening and talk about the challenges you had this day with your friends around the campfire. Laugh. And keep on riding.

Into the wilderness, we go wild.

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