California’s Burgeoning Reputation for Sustainability & Responsibility in Travel & Tourism

7 June 2021 Time: 8:00AM

During this episode of VYTS’s Expert Panel join TravelMole’s Graham McKenzie as we take a closer look at California’s unbeatable reputation for sustainability and responsibility, and why it remains a top travel destination in North America. Our special guest speakers include Brendon and Emma from Visit California, (while also hailing from the UK.) They are joined by Benjamin – from San Diego – and Michael – from beautiful Mammoth Lakes, California.

Learn about one of the most popular ski resorts in all North America – also right next to one of the most popular of all national parks in California, Yosemite. Nobody beats the beaches of San Diego either! From high-end shopping and gambling, to hiking, to excursion in wine country, and, of course, the beach – California is truly one of the most popular tourist attractions in North America.

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