A close look at the Zambian Tourism Sector.

5 July 2021 Time: 13:00PM

Zambia is truly spectacular. It offers experiences that very few other places can. The enchanting fresh air, friendly people, and unrivaled nature leave you with a sense of belonging, making it hard to go back home by the end of your magical journey through Zambia.

Around every corner, there is a new adventure waiting and unique Zambian experiences. From visiting the mighty Victoria Falls to guided safari tours down the Lower Zambezi river.

Join us as we have a look at Tourism in Zambia and what we are missing out on.

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Graham McKenzie


Host & Moderator


Chavunga Lungu – Marketing Director, Zambia Tourism Agency

Doris Shupikile Kofi – Acting CEO, Zambia Tourism Agency

Jessica Salmon - Owner Flatdogs Camp

Rachel Ward – Managing Director, Going Places Zambia