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For visitors to the Keys, there continue to be precautions to take for visitors as well as residents of the island chain. Plan ahead and come prepared. Travel responsibly. You have the personal responsibility to protect yourself and others in terms of public health. Bring facial coverings, hand sanitizer and personal essential medicines. If you’re feeling unwell, please stay home, call your physician and get medical advice. Personal Protective Actions While on Vacation A Monroe County (Florida Keys) ordinance requires everyone to carry a facial covering capable of immediate use and requires that masks be worn when inside of a business and also outdoors when a social distance of six feet from another person is not possible. In the city of Key West, the wearing of facial coverings is mandatory indoors and outdoors (anywhere outside a residence or hotel/lodging room) regardless of social distancing. Business establishments include various lodging facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, indoor attractions, museums, retail or clothing shops, beauty salons, health spas, and other public settings. Dr. Mark Whiteside, medical director of the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County, advises that wearing a simple surgical-type mask or facial covering can be effective, especially when done in conjunction with social distancing

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